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StarMed Ventukit - Hood for CPAP therapy with built-in Venturi flow driver

The StarMed Ventukit has been designed for use by connecting to the O2 source available in hospital departments. For ease of use the kit contains, a CaStar CPAP hood with patient access port, Venturi flow driver, silencer, bi-directional anti-suffocation valve, adjustable PEEP valve and ear plugs.

• The therapy is activated simply by connecting the Ventukit to an oxygen source commonly available
• Adjustable PEEP valve and oxygen tubing are included.

Technical Features
• Integrated Venturi flow driver for FiO2 control from 40% to 100%
• Equipped with silencer to reduce the noise inside the hood by up to 10 dB
• Fitted with integrated pressure gauge to check the presence of pressure within the hood
• Two sealed access ports for probes or catheters of 3.5-7.0mm Ø
• Patient access port with screw cap. Fitted with bidirectional anti-suffocation valve which opens automatically in the event of pressure failure
Single packed.

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